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Lauren Camara is a self-taught artist and seasoned graphic designer based in the Bronx. She creates art exclusively with paper, reflecting her passion for blending colors, textures, and patterns to mirror life's contrasts and contradictions. Lauren’s artistic journey with paper started when she began repurposing paper swatches received from printing companies, initially provided for selection in graphic design projects. 


Lauren’s work is created from meticulously cut paper, layered together to create graphic and colorful portraits. Utilizing a blend of handmade fine paper, premium print paper, wallpaper, scrap paper, and wrapping paper, she weaves together bold colors, intricate patterns, and diverse textures, creating unexpected pairings. 


Lauren draws inspiration from the unique stories of people, particularly focusing on members of the New York City community, as well as from her family, social issues, and personal experiences. Her art is born from the spontaneous rhythms of daily life. Chance encounters and intriguing conversations with community members have served as inspiration for many of Lauren's creations. Whether sparked by someone's unique style, an engaging conversation, the movement of a gesture, or the subtleties of an expression, Lauren transforms the everyday into art. Lauren’s portraits are more than just images—they embody the beauty found in the unexpected.


Lauren's art brings her joy, and she hopes it sparks conversations to those who encounter it.

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