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Lauren Camara, a self-taught artist and seasoned graphic designer based in the Bronx, New York, finds fascination in the unique textures, bold colors, and intricate patterns of paper. Her artistic journey began when she repurposed paper swatches received from printing companies, creating art exclusively from this tactile medium.

Exclusively creating art from paper, Lauren's pieces showcase meticulous craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for the tactile nature of her chosen medium. With each cut and layer, she brings her graphic-driven vision to life, employing hand-cut precision and intricate techniques. 

Lauren draws inspiration from the tapestry of her life experiences, family influences, and the vibrant pulse of her community. Her family, spanning various cultures and religions, significantly inspires her creations. In Lauren's art, the love for mixing colors and patterns takes center stage, representing the contrasts and contradictions of her experiences. The combinations may seem unconventional, yet they seamlessly come together to create something extraordinary—mirroring the beautiful chaos of life where unexpected pairings find harmony.

Lauren's art is born from the spontaneous rhythms of daily life. With a knack for spotting graphic elements in the ordinary, she sees shapes and forms where others might not. Whether inspired by someone's unique style, the lines of a conversation, the movement of a gesture, or the nuances of an expression, Lauren turns the everyday into captivating art. It's a reflection of her sharp eye for graphic beauty in the world.

Van Cortlandt Park, a haven in her beloved neighborhood, serves as a wellspring of inspiration. Here, she encounters individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds sparking inspiration for her work. The park, one of Lauren's favorite places in NYC, becomes a canvas for capturing the essence of daily encounters, familiar faces, and the beauty of nature.

Lauren's art brings her joy, and she hopes it brings conversations and smiles to those who encounter it.

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